World market leader in the trade with connecting materials

The Würth Group is the global market leader in its core business, the sale of fastening and assembly materials. It consists of over 400 companies in over 80 countries and has more than 85,000 employees on its payroll. More than 43,000 of those employees work in sales. According to the preliminary annual financial statement, the Würth Group generated sales of EUR 19.95 billion in the 2022 fiscal year. A new record in sales.


We are a family business

3.9 million customers all over the world trust in Würth today. Human beings and a very special corporate philosophy are the driving forces of the long-standing success enjoyed by the Würth Group. Würth is a family business that was founded by Adolf Würth in 1945. Prof. Reinhold Würth, today’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Würth Group’s Family Trusts, took over the business at the age of 19 after his father had passed away and developed it further in the following years. Starting from the early years of the company in post-war Germany, he turned the former two-man business into a worldwide operating trading group.


Our philosophy

We owe it to Reinhold Würth that the Würth Group has a clear business orientation: it is marked by a strong brand policy, future-oriented product strategy, closeness to the customer, clear quality offensive, thinking in terms of visions and not least by a strong corporate culture. Bettina Würth, Reinhold Würth’s daughter and Chairwoman of the Advisory Board together with the members of the Central Managing Board see to it that these values are filled with life and developed further.


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