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Würth cares

Würth’s corporate culture is characterized by values such as openness, gratitude, respect, curiosity, responsibility, humility, and modesty. These values are the cornerstones of Würth’s success and serve as the basis for all collaboration, be it with co-workers, business partners, or customers. The Würth Group’s actions are geared toward sustained corporate success. The company has always been committed to supporting social and cultural projects, going beyond its mere economic responsibilities.

For the Würth Group and the Würth Foundation, assuming responsibility also means protecting the livelihoods of present and future generations. With their unrivaled commitment to art and culture, social issues and education, teaching and research, integration, and sports in both its own projects and in cooperative ventures, the Würth Group and the Würth Foundation have been working for decades for the common good and toward a sustainable society, both nationally and internationally.


Commitment of the Würth Group

The Würth Group contributes to a vibrant cultural landscape and is dedicated to social well-being. For instance, the Group runs five museums in the Hohenlohe region and ten associated galleries across Europe, which display international works of art, mainly from the Würth Collection. Admission is free. The Würth Group is committed to helping people with disabilities. Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie and the Special Olympics are just two examples of this commitment. The Würth Group is committed to ensuring that future generations can also enjoy a good life on our planet. The Group has defined three fields of transformation on its path toward a circular economy: climate neutrality, material life cycles, and social standards.

Sustainability Report Würth Group 2022