Payment Factory

The Payment Factory is responsible for processing the financial liabilities on behalf of the Würth Group companies to their suppliers. It is also responsible for handling the factoring within the Würth Group. Thus it forms the link between banks, Würth companies and suppliers.

Würth Finance uses a state-of-the-art payment infrastructure to ensure secure and global payments in a wide variety of currencies, including payments in exotic currencies. In addition, the Payment Factory has the know-how to meet the various guidelines and legal requirements of international payment transactions. In this way, we ensure that payments reach the beneficiary on time and in the most cost-effective way. The payment processing service is free of charge for the Würth Group companies and serves, among other things, to concentrate the Group's liquidity.

As a reliable partner of the Group companies, security is a top priority in the sensitive area of payment transactions. We maintain supplier master data and keep it up to date, systematically analyse fraud risks, confirm sensitive changes via secondary channels and check payments against sanction lists. These are just some of the methods we use to protect the finances and reputation of the Würth Group.

Payment Factory

All of that enables Würth Finance to process several million invoices with an annual total volume of around 6 billion Euros securely.