Financing the growth of the Würth Group is one of the core tasks of Würth Finance International B.V. The company issues bonds on the capital market and ensures that liquid funds are available to Group companies at all times.

The high creditworthiness of the Würth Group (Standard & Poor’s have accorded the long-term liabilities a rating of “A”) gives Würth Finance International B.V. access to the international capital markets. Transactions include bonds, promissory notes and syndicated bank credits, as well as the commercial paper program.

Würth Finance International B.V. is in a position to submit to Group companies binding offers for financing solutions on very attractive terms and within a very short period of time. These encompass the following:

  • short-term current-account credits in all tradable foreign currencies
  • long-term loans with various repayment options
  • intercompany receivables

When arranging these facilities, the specialists at Würth Finance International B.V. take into account both tax-related issues and any regulatory restrictions in the countries concerned.